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Lukas Garden Services offers complete landscaping solutions for any size commercial project. Low overheads, unique pricing structure and complete in house service mean that our quotations are always extremley competitive. The success of this business is attributed to the quality of the workmanship and the beauty of our landscape designs and gardens, we use the finest plants and the best construction materials. Aesthetically pleasing yet functional gardens are our hallmark. So whether you require -A garden for relaxation, motivation, or invigoration, A pleasant, child friendly and safe landscape where you and your family can enjoy recreation, or a garden which makes a statment to others about your sense of style, we can provide the solution. A beautiful garden requires imaginative, functional design followed by careful plant selection, compatible planting and competent construction. It takes many factors, items and structures to achieve a quality garden. The following is a breakdown of different areas we use to create a garden design - Timber decking, Patios & Paving, Driveways, Garden sheds, lawns, Fences, Hedges, Driveways.


- private & commercial maintenance,
- cutting the grass & trees,
- tree & shrubs planting,
- edging & weeding,
- decking & fencing,
- lawn construction,
- hedges trimmed,
- power washing,
- patio,

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